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An official website of the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office


We need data to be accountable and to understand our successes and failures. We are committed to building and using the data infrastructure needed now, and in the decades to come, to make sure we do our job to the best of our ability. This dashboard is a critical part of that data infrastructure, and it demonstrates our dedication to be a transparent and accountable prosecutor’s office.

Crime destroys families and communities. We need to expend every ounce of energy to prevent crime and recidivism, now, and in the future. Unfair and biased prosecutions also destroy communities because they damage the individual, separate families, and undermine the trust in our courthouse. However, moral prosecutions create a fairer society that nurtures the worth of every individual regardless of class, race, or gender. Smart, data-driven prosecutions equal safer communities at a lower personal cost to offenders and victims, and a lower financial cost to the taxpayers.

This website and visualizations are part of a larger project on Prosecutorial Performance Indicators, an office management, performance measurement, and transparency and accountability tool that helps prosecutors’ offices measure their performance toward greater capacity and efficiency, community safety and well-being, and fairness and justice.