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An official website of the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office


Limitations and Disclaimers

Data Disclaimer

This dashboard uses internal and public data made available through the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office, the Illinois 19th Judicial Circuit Court, the Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, and other public sources where noted.

The data or information sourced is not the official court records and may not reflect the most current activity.

Adult Cases Only

This website DOES NOT include data from Juvenile cases.

Data Availability

Our ability to populate metrics on certain key decision points is limited by the availability and quality of data. There are subjects that we would like to report on that we are unable to due to not having analyzable data currently. We are continuously working to provide accurate data for additional metrics and improve our data collection capabilities. This dashboard will be updated as more data becomes available.

Data Entry

Data on this dashboard may contain errors and any that are found will be fixed in the next update. The data was collected and/or organized by staff in several agencies including the

  • Lake County State’s Attorney
  • Lake County Sheriff
  • Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court
  • 19th Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois